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5 Easy Tips to Make Your Dog Stop Barking

 by jaime on 15 Apr 2014 |
2 Comment(s)

Nobody wants to be the owner of 'that dog.' You know the one: they bark all day and night, at anything and any one. If your dog won't stop barking and you don't know why, the likely cause is attention. However you may not need to send them to obedience school just yet. Try following the five tips below and your pooch should calm down in due time.
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1. Keep any motivators out of sight.


Does your dog bark when people or other pets pass outside the living room window? Then close the curtains or put your dog in another room. Do they bark at people while they're lounging outside? Bring them indoors. As soon as any stimulus is removed, your dog will forget that it was ever a bother to them.


2. Ignore them.


Have you ever heard the phrase, "ignore it and it will stop?" When you react to barking, your dog feels rewarded for their behaviour. It doesn't matter whether you speak nicely or sternly to them. All they wants is attention in whatever form you're willing to give it. Starve your pup of the attention that they crave. It may be difficult at first, but they will stop the noise and move on to other activities.


3. Reward them for being quiet.


One of the biggest favours that you can do for yourself is to teach your dog the "quiet" command. This may seem counterintuitive, but first tell your dog to speak. After they bark a few times, hang a treat in front of them. When they stop barking, wait a few seconds. Then give them the treat and some words of approval.


Keep doing this until they stop barking as soon as you tell them to speak. Once they have mastered the "speak" command, follow the same steps to teach them the "quiet" command.

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4. Distract them.


Despite your best training efforts, sometimes your dog won't behave. Some pups just require a simple distraction. The next time your dog barks, break their concentration by banging on the table, slamming a dresser drawer, or shaking a can of coins. Then, just go about your business as usual. Interrupting them like this may startle them so they forget why they were barking at all.


5. Keep them moving.


Wake up earlier to walk your dog longer than usual, play ball with them after work, or find a park nearby where you can unleash them to run during the weekend. If your pup is tired from the day's activities, they'll be less likely to bark because they won't be frustrated or bored. For rainy days, consider investing in some interactive playthings such as ropes and squeaky plush toys. The amount of exercise that your dog needs will depend upon their age and breed. For example, terriers need more exercise than greyhounds. Terriers are bouncy all the time, while greyhounds release their energy in spurts.

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Try not to feel discouraged if your pup doesn't stop barking right away. Training them takes time, patience, and a lot of practice. Remain positive and keep an upbeat tone with them, and they will stop their noisy behaviour.


Valerie - Comment
Valerie21 Apr 2014Reply
I have been using a spray bottle with water and spray both my dogs if they bark. This is not painful and doesn't disturb others in the house. It is working very well. I even have a bottle in the car as their barking is really hard on the nerves in close quarters. A few friends have found this helpful too. Good luck to you all!!
Petbucket Admin  - Comment
Petbucket Admin 29 Apr 2014Reply
Thank you Valerie, that's an excellent suggestion!

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