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Unlikely Animal Friendships That Make Your Heart Melt

 by danielle on 18 May 2014 |
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We are used to crossing the interspecies boundary when it comes to us and our pets – though we aren’t the only other creatures dogs and cats can open their hearts too. Here are a bunch of unlikely, and incredibly heartwarming BFFs.    The Elephant and the Labrador      Image credit  Bubbles the elephant and Bella the Labrador Retriever love nothing more than to go for walks together and go for long swims. They call the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina home and are a popular attraction. The 9000 pound elephant and dog met when Bella was abandoned by a contractor hired to build Bubbles a new swimming pool. They have been inseparable ever since.    Image credit    The Fox and the Hound   Image credit Right out of a Disney movie, Sniffer the red fox and Tinni the dog are best buddies. Torgeir Berge, Tinni’s owner, has used the popularity of the odd couple through Facebook to start a campaign against the fur trade. They recently also had a song written about them by Berit Helberg.    Image credit    Image credit    The Cat and the Dolphins  Arthur the cat and the dolphins Thunder and Shiloh became fast friends when they met at Islamorada Marine Park. The dolphins nuzzled him while Arthur pawed at their noses. Aww!    Image credit    Image credit    The Kitten and the Iguana   Image credit  Found in a dumpster, the kitten Ash was adopted by a man named James when he heard about her plight. James’ red iguana Captain became about as fond of Ash as her new owner and now they are the best of friends.    Image credit    Image credit    The Cat and the Ducklings   Image credit Sadly, mother-cat Hiroko lost her kittens. When her owner accidentally shut her in the room where he had left his two recently hatched spot-billed ducklings, Hiroko decided to make them her new ‘kittens’ and now grooms and coddles them as if they were her own litter.   Image credit Feature image credit

12 Dogs Who Rule The Dancefloor

 by simone on 16 May 2014 |
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Image credit 1. Astaire and Rogers have nothing on these two as they dance cheek to cheek (and paw to paw and wet nose to wet nose).   Image credit   2. Chihuahua Cha-Cha. Be one with the rhythm.   Image credit   3. Twerking is all about working that tail.     Image credit   4. The original 'Tap Dog'.   Image credit   5. I'll just be over here, busting a move.    Image credit   6. Doing the superhero shuffle. Start with the best headbanging hounds and rock out to some heavy sounds!   Image credit   7. When dancing is in your blood, anything becomes your dancefloor.    Image credit   8. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah!   Image credit   9. Yeah dawg, I'm breaking out my hip hop style. Haters keep hatin'. Image credit   10. Thriller, thrilller night.    Image credit   11. Feeling that sweet, slow groove. As cool as a pooch can be.    Image credit     12. Dance like no one's watching... Oh, and stop your dance if someone's watching. Image credit Feature image credit

Check out this pious little pup!

 by wai on 12 May 2014 |
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The end of the world is nigh – but don’t worry! This little guy is doing a great job praying for humankind’s salvation. Love how happy he looks with his big eyes and well groomed coat – such a great look for a Pomeranian. What cool tricks can your dog do? And be sure to SHARE if this pup brought a smile to your face!

This Shiba puppy dreaming is the most adorable thing you’ll watch today!

 by wai on 09 May 2014 |
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What's this little guy dreaming about? Playtime? Puppy school? Treats? Or maybe that eerie looking dressed up doll beside him? Whatever it is, his little woofs and whines are guaranteed to melt your heart. We love puppy dreaming videos! Be sure to SHARE this video and bring some adorable into someone else's day!

8 BFFs That Will Melt Your Heart

 by simone on 07 May 2014 |
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Who says that you need loads of things in common to be besties? Sometimes you don't even have to be the same species!  1. One sloth hug to rule them all.   2. This raccoon just knows how to make everything right in the world.  3. All the other cats in town know that Piper the mini horse is all Mango's. Image credit 4. Cats are perfect for those hard to reach spots. Image credit 5. Friendship always has its ups and downs, 'butt' true friends last the distance.   Image credit 6. Cockatoos can get into all sorts of forbidden places and dogs can always sniff when someone is coming. Image credit 7. Who knew dogs liked playing 'chicken' this much? Image credit 8. Awww, feeling clucky.  Image credit    

7 Reasons Why my Dog is Crying

 by simone on 05 May 2014 |
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1. I said we were home now and it was time to get out.   Image credit   2. I told her that she needed a better hiding spot.   Image credit   3. I said only one ball at a time.    Image credit   4. She wants to be a rug but I wouldn't step on her.    5. I said that cushion stuffing wasn't a nutritious dinner.      6. He wanted to chew the television cables. I said no.     7. It was time for bed.   

When Cuties Attack

 by simone on 03 May 2014 |
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This is an important community service announcement from Petbucket. They may look soft and squishy and oh so scrumptious, but many good people have fallen foul of these criminal cuties.    1. I can smell your fear … and it sure smells good.     2. I’ll just deal with this guy then you’re next and yeah, you’d better be scared cos’ what you see here is all muscle. Okay, maybe I’m carrying just a little excess puppy fat.   Image credit   3. Say hello to my little friend!   Image credit   4. First, I’ll woo the humans with my adorable antics, then monopolise their precious chocolate supplies. They will become my loyal followers and soon this will all be mine.    Image credit   5. Ha ha, is that all you’ve got? This is going to be too easy.       6. Even if I have to cross great oceans, tall mountains and fences that are more easily walked under – I will find you.   Image credit   7. My good friends here have told me all about you. It’s time you and me had a little chat - a ‘bow-wow’ if you like.     8. You, get in my belly! I will gobble you up. Or this leg at least… okay, maybe just your toe, but it will be your big toe.   Image credit   9. Go ahead, I dare you to say it right to my face.   Image credit   10. So human, you have discovered my secret lair. That’s bad news for you – very bad news indeed.   Image credit          

Have You Met Zoey and Jasper?

 by jaime on 27 Apr 2014 |
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This is Zoey and Jasper. Zoey is a rescue dog who loves many things but nothing more than Jasper. Jasper is a 10-month old who is not only adorable, but is best friends with Zoey. Jasper's mum, Grace is a professional photographer who has captured these too cute for words images of the pair wearing matching outfits and cheeky faces. Check out their Tumblr to read more about this delightful duo!    Image credit Image credit Image credit

Warning: Major Cuteness Overload!

 by sinan on 15 Apr 2014 |
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This story is too cute not to share.  Image credit A boy and his puppy taking a nap together. Have you ever seen a sight sweeter than this? For New York mum Jessica Shyba, this has become a daily occurence between her young son Beau and their newly adopted puppy, Theo. Proving the immense love and friendship that can bond people with their pets, these adorable nap-taking pals have proven to be very popular on social media with Shyba's Instagram account boasting over 400,000 followers.  Image credit     You can read more and see more of these best buddies here.   
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