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9 Cats Embracing Their Inner Easter Bunny

 by michelle on 22 Apr 2014 |
2 Comment(s)

Here are some cats that just love Easter...
Image credit

1. One of these things is not like the other...

Image credit


2. Just like Santa uses a sleigh, Easter Kitty uses a Roomba.

Image credit

3."Stupid human... these ears aren't realistic at all."


Image credit


4. Having fun yet?

Image credit

5. "I better get some treats for this..."

Image credit


6. Somebunny ate too much candy...

Image credit


7. "What do you mean the Easter Bunny isn't real!?"

Image credit


8. "They said I could be anything, so I became the Easter Bunny."

Image credit


9. "Alright you got your picture, now get these things off me!"

Image credit




KatWrangler - Comment
KatWrangler01 May 2014Reply
These are the only cats anyone was able to get to wear bunny ears. Mine would shred me if I tried :)
Petbucket Admin  - Comment
Petbucket Admin 01 May 2014Reply
Very true, I know many cats who would not tolerate a pair of bunny ears!

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