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The Side Effects of Advantix Parasite Treatment

 by simone on 23 May 2014 |
6 Comment(s)
Everyone knows the annoyance and distress that fleas cause our canine friends, and the danger of paralysis or death that ticks can lead to. Parasites such as fleas, mosquitoes, lice, sand flies, biting flies and ticks spread disease when they bite and suck blood, so it is important not to just kill them, but to also prevent them from biting and feeding in the first place. 

Advantix is a powerful preventative and parasiticide that affects the nervous system of these nasty little bloodsuckers, paralysing then killing them. Advantix combines the active ingredient imidacloprid used to control adult and larval fleas in the trusted and popular treatment Advantage, with permethrin, one of the most effective pyrethroids - a type of insecticide that also works as a repellant or anti-feeding measure. 

Used monthly, Advantix is applied directly to the dog’s skin at the neck, or for large dogs the dosage is spread out to four points along the back. The solution is then distributed via the dog’s oil glands throughout the skin, covering the entire body within 24 hours to provide weeks of protection. Any fleas surrounding the application area will be killed within five minutes and most fleas die within 12 hours. Advantix still kills 90 per cent of ticks after 28 days and up to 95 per cent of mosquitoes are repelled from biting.

Advantix has been specifically developed for dogs and is not intended for cats or other animals. In fact, it is poisonous to cats and can be fatal to them if ingested. Any treated dog should be separated from cats until the solution dries, in case the cat grooms and licks the application area. 

It’s not just discomfort 

Fleas are the number one cause of skin disease in pets. In addition to the itchiness and aggravation they unleash, flea infestations can produce redness, sores, scaly skin and odour for dogs. Fleas also transmit tapeworm and some dogs have Flea Allergy Dermatitis, an allergic reaction to flea bites. 

Canine Vector-Borne Diseases, or CVBD, describes diseases that are transmitted through blood-feeding parasites. Common ones include Lyme disease (form of arthritis) and borreliosis, bartonellosis, ehrlichiosis (attacks host’s white blood cells), babesiosis and anaplasmosis (attacks host’s red blood cells), leishmaniosis (ulcers) and rickettsiosis (spotted fever). These can develop into very serious health problems if left untreated. By also working as a repellant, Advantix reduces the risk or parasite’s biting and feeding, and therefore reduces the risk of disease for your dog.

Side Effects

Advantix is a safe treatment but just like us, each dog has an individual tolerance or sensitivity to medications and may be hypersensitive or allergic. Although extremely rare when Advantix is used at the recommended dosage, if your dog has an adverse reaction consult your vet immediately. 

Do not use Advantix on puppies younger than seven weeks and talk to your vet before administering it if you are already using other flea and tick control products or to any aged, medicated, sick and debilitated dogs (particularly those with heart, liver or kidney disease). And remember, keep Advantix away from your dog’s eyes and mouth and it is DEFINITELY NOT for cats.

Skin Irritation

The most common side effect is some minor skin irritation at the application point such redness, itching, skin discolouration, rash, an oily appearance or some hair loss. These irritations are usually temporary and may also subside after washing your dog (Advantix is waterproof from 48 hours after application but a bath could ease any irritation). However, if these irritations worsen or persist, then consult your vet. 

Serious Side Effects

Serious side effects with Advantix are extremely rare. The following can be indications of overdosing/toxicity or an allergic reaction so consult your vet immediately if you notice any of these - 

  • Drooling - This may occur if your dog licks the area of application as Advantix has a bitter taste to discourage ingestion, but drooling can also result from overdosing or an allergic reaction.
  • Lethargy
  • A marked increase or decrease in body temperature
  • Vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Incoordination
  • Excitability
  • Seizures

The most important thing is to always follow the dosage recommendations and directions on the label. Advantix is available in different dosages depending on the weight of your dog so make sure you use the correct one. Athough it is safe, have a talk with your vet if your dog is pregnant or lactating before use. Advantix is also waterproof so after 48 hours from application you can bathe your dog as normal. However, if your dog is a real water lover then re-application within the month may be necessary. 

Monthly treatment with Advantix will keep your dog free of fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes as well as sand and biting flies. Not only will these parasites be killed, but they’ll be prevented from biting, feeding and spreading diseases. You’ll be happy knowing that your dog is safe, but they’ll be even happier with their comfortable, carefree and now itch-free lifestyle. 



John Harrell - Comment
John Harrell04 May 2018Reply
Our Lab is only eating about half of his normal meal after treating with advantix. Could this be normal. Also it has been 90 degrees. Thanks
Hans mooser - Comment
Hans mooser31 May 2018Reply
Kann es sein, dass es bei der Einnahme (golden retriever, 5 Jahre alt )von advantix zu epileptischen oder ähnlichen Anfällen kommt? Ist meinem Hund Bobby vor zwei Tagen passiert. Er bekommt advantix seit 4 Jahren.
Maureen - Comment
Maureen09 Jun 2018Reply
I lost my dog today 6/8/2018 25 minutes after using Advantix,she went into falling over,her head was tipped to the side,throwing up several times, the vet said she had neurological problem and doubts it was the flea and tick meds.I had used it for years without a problem,this time she was fine all morning until I put it on,I had to have her put to sleep it was so bad.Not sure if Advantix or not,But please be careful using any of this stuff,Tonight I sit here with a broken heart and wish I never put it on her.
Susan - Comment
Susan08 Jul 2018Reply
I have a 5-6lb dog and I used the appropriate dose for her. A few hours after I put it on her she was panting a lot and then she was having twitching or little tremors and she won’t walk. Has anyone heard of this response from the advantix? Another dog was having issues too and was acting funny, hiding under the bed, and just not being herself,
Elisa - Comment
Elisa02 Aug 2018Reply
I used advantix on both my 10lb dogs. My older dog who was 6 , had a seizure and now has problems with coordination, and has fevers on and off. The seizure happened 2 years ago after the last dose of the season and she has never been the same since. My younger dog shook her head non stop for a whole week day and night !! :( and then it subsided to every 5 minutes for the next few days and then kept subsiding from there. It has been a horrible experience!! Of course Bayer takes no responsibility and says their product did not cause any of this. I will NEVER use their product again and it DID cause these adverse effects for my pets. I now want to warn other pet owners to stay away from this product, for the safety of your pets and all the vet bills that are enccurred afterwards.
Jen - Comment
Jen27 Oct 2018Reply
I let the groomer use advantix on my dogs two days ago- for the first time ever. This morning, my 8 year old 12lb dog fell over and appeared to have a seizure. He slowly regained consciousness and his balance. After several hours, he seems better but still off. Our vet said to monitor him and that he most likely had a reaction to the spot on treatment. After reading the comments here, I realized my other dog has been shaking his head non-stop too! This will be the first and last time I ever use that poisonous treatment!

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