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The World's 15 Most Unpopular Dogs

 by jaime on 29 Jun 2014 |
7 Comment(s)
We all love a Labrador and are incredibly fond of a Jack Russel, but what about the unpopular breeds of dogs in the world. Through no fault of their own, the following breeds are not commonplace among pet owners - some even on the verge of extinction.

1. Chinook
  The Chinook is an American breed of sled dog. Bred from a mixture of Husky and Mastiff, it is the official dog of New Hampshire. Even so, it's a rare dog, these days mainly kept as a family pet. They are very obedient and affectionate - particularly so with children.

2. Skye Terrier

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The Skye Terrier hails from Scotland and is actually an endangered breed. The Skye is a hardy little dog with a long and silky coat that requires regular grooming. Traditionally a hunting dog, these days the Skye enjoys life as a house dog - as long as it gets a moderate amount of exercise to stay in shape.

3. Komondor

The Komondor is a native of Hungary, known for its long and very distinctive corded coat. Even though it's considered a Hungarian national treasure, this powerful guardian dog is still not very popular. It's a calm and gentle dog, so is a great option for families. It's also fiercely protective and makes a great guard dog - although perhaps not suited to city living.

4. Glen of Imaal Terrier

  This cutie comes from County Wicklow in Ireland and is considered a dwarf breed. Around since the reign of Elizabeth I, these little dogs are sturdy and very muscular with an expected lifetime of 15 years. They are energetic and less vocal than other terriers, but can be quite stubborn - especially when it comes to training.

5. English and American Foxhound


English Foxhound
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The English Foxhound is a scent hound, originally bred to, you guessed it, hunt foxes. They are a very gentle breed that gets on well with pretty much everyone: adults, children and other animals. They might be gentle, but they are incredibly active so wouldn't pair well with a lazy bones owner!

American Foxhound
Similarly, the American Foxhound is a sweet and social dog, that can be quite shy around strangers. They have lots of energy so would do well in a home with a big yard to run around in and it would be essential to take them to obedience classes to curb their natural instinct to follow scents.

6. Sussex Spaniel

  From Southern England, the Sussex Spaniel is a calm but clownish breed of dog. They are a great family dog that get on well with children which also makes them a wonderful therapy dog. They are really great at retrieving, but can be quite stubborn to train.

7. Harrier

  The Harrier is a medium sized hound, often confused with a Beagle and are even sometimes referred to as a 'Beagle on steroids.' This short haired dog comes in a variety of colours and has a very sweet and cheerful temperment. They are incredibly active and are fond of exploring, so best to keep them on a lead when out and about.

8. Thai Ridgeback

  The Thai Ridgeback is an ancient breed of dog that's only starting to get recognition outside of Thailand. Characterised by it's 'ridge' of hair running along its back, it's a very intelligent breed that enjoys relaxing but is prone to sudden bursts of energy. They are a loyal and loving family pet but can be agressive and/or shy when not socialised properly. 

9. Norweigian Lundehund

  A small, Spitz breed of dog, the Norweigian Lundehund can move it's joints just like a human can and actually has six toes! They are a breed that dates back to 1600 when it was originally bred to hunt puffins. They are a playful and loving breed that is perfectly happy to snuggle up for hours. They are very intelligent and can be trained to take part in agility competitions.

10. Canaan Dog


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The Canaan Dog originates from modern Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan and is one of the world's oldest breeds of dogs. They have quite a primitive appearance with a harsh, short coat. They are very intelligent and make excellent guard dogs but can become easily bored and not listen to commands if things get too repetitive.

11. Otterhound


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These shaggy looking pooches come from Britain, although their exact origins are unknown. They are hunting dogs and are very hard workers. They are unique in the way they have a rough, oily double coat and webbed feet. They are very inquisitive so require lots of supervision when outdoors. They are a great family dog, but need high fences - they can jump up to five feet! Despite all this, they are endangered - with only 1000 left in the world.

12. Cesky Terrier

  From Czechoslovakia, the Cesky Terrier was orginally bred to go hunting in the forests of Bohemia. They are a muscular, hardy little dog with a silky coat. Compared to other terriers they are quiet and make a lovely family pet.

13. Lowchen

  The Lowchen or Little Lion Dog originates from Germany. It was once the rarest dog in the world. The Lowchen is a friendly, healthy and happy dog and is very intelligent. A quiet breed, they make a great companion, but don't leave them alone for long periods of time.

14. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

  This cute littler terrier with an equally cute name is of Scottish origin. It has short legs and a long body and makes both a great companion and guard dog. They are very docile compared to other terriers but beware, they are quick at digging holes!

15. Stabyhoun


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The Stabyhoun is a Dutch dog. It has a long and sleek coat and had a very lovely temperment. Friendly, intelligent and patient - they are wonderful around children and other pets. They can however be quite stubborn and do require a lot of exercise.

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Edna Winstead - Comment
Edna Winstead01 Jul 2014Reply
very nice information
Chez - Comment
Chez05 Jul 2014Reply
I like the Cesky Terrier, in looks and temperament. Can't understand why it's so unpopular?
Debbie McCormick - Comment
Debbie McCormick06 Jul 2014Reply
I love them ALL.............Cannot understand why any dog LOVER would not want any ONE of these!!!!
Robbie Huber - Comment
Robbie Huber07 Jul 2014Reply
Actually the Komondor actually has a very bad reputation for being nasty tempered; for being very protective of its herds; its owners
kelly - Comment
kelly07 Jul 2014Reply
i had a skye terrier and he was great would love another onw but they are hard to find
Erica - Comment
Erica08 Jul 2014Reply
I love all of these dogs and would be very sad to see any become extinct. Lets hope breeders the world over won't let that happen.
Michael - Comment
Michael23 Oct 2014Reply
I've had my American Foxhound pup for 5 months now...such a good dog. Days i'm gone longer he doesn't listen as much, but; regardless of that he's bee a great dog! Decided to change things up and use German commands with him.

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