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4 Ways To Help a Bored Cat

 by danielle on 09 Jul 2014 |
2 Comment(s)
In our modern world, many cats live indoors for their entire lives, and while our feline friends are more than happy about this cozy existence from time to time it can cause issues. Like with any animal kept in captivity, boredom can easily stem from the repetitive nature of their environment and daily routine.
Boredom can be expressed in many ways. Some cats seem to sleep excessively whilst others will resort to ‘creating their own fun’ by engaging in destructive behaviour like chewing up your things and scratching your carpet to pieces.


If you are concerned your cat is finding his or her life rather dull, there are a few simple things you can do to make their lives more interesting and enriching.

1. Create an Amazing View

Windows are like televisions to cats, with activity, bird life and the daily hubbub of life going on outside to peer out at. Check to see if your cat can easily access a viewing point and if that is not the case, try adding a cat pole near a good vantage point or even a ‘cat window box’ which are shelves that attach to regular household windows which allow your cat a fantastic semi-outdoor experience.
If your cat can already perch on a window ledge and watch passers by, possibly consider the addition of a bird feeder nearby so your cat can be fascinated by wild birds fluttering around snacking on seed.

A fish tank can also be a fabulous object of interest – though make sure your cat has no way of ever actually getting at the fish!

2. Wonderful Toys

Many stimulating toys exist on the market that tap into a cat’s natural instincts as predators and keep them alert and active. Traditional toys like little mice and wands with dangling things attached are great but there are also newer products that have been created that interact with cats even when their owners aren’t at home. Companies like Frolicat produce mechanised toys which operate even when you are out or occupied and unable to play.

Rotating the toys you have on offer is also a good idea to keep things fresh and exciting for your feline.

3. Cat Furniture

Cats don’t just love to play. Toys usually awaken your cat’s inner drive to hunt and stalk but cats are also motivated to do things like jump, climb, scratch and hide. Providing cat poles to scale and paw, tunnels to sneak through and hidey-holes to secret themselves in can help them engage with the beast within.

4. Lots of Love  

Interaction with you is probably the best way to keep your cat happy about their life. Cuddles and playtime is almost guaranteed to keep cats purring. If you find yourself caught up in the hectic rush of daily life and forgetting to make time for your kitty, scheduling daily blocks of time might be a useful idea – even ten minutes a day can make a difference.


Guy Goodship - Comment
Guy Goodship12 Jul 2014Reply
My cats can go in or out until a certain time, but some like watching the birdfeeder outside of one window while others watching 3 mice running around the patio after they come in and 1 likes the T.V.
RCinCM - Comment
RCinCM12 Jul 2014Reply
Ever since my cat, Smokey, was a kitten, he loves when I play jazz. He lays close to the speakers and seems to really be enjoying it. When I play hard rock, he becomes aggressive and chases our other cat, Dood, and bites him. Dood has no reaction at all to the music.

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