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4 Reasons Why Your Dog is Rubbing its Face on the Carpet

 by jaime on 14 Jul 2014 |
32 Comment(s)
Many dog owners have dealt with the confusion (and frustration) of seeing the family dog walk into the living room and rub its face in the carpet, usually right after the room has been vacuumed. Many dog owners are at a loss when it comes to explaining this common behavioral trait. So what does it mean when your dog is rubbing its face into the carpet? Is something bothering the dog? Does it just have an itch?
Just cleaning up a bit
The most likely reason why your dog will rub its face in the carpet is a desire to clean its face. There are two common times that your dog may rub its face in the carpet, specifically to clean itself. One is when your dog is done eating and it has small bits of food on its face and around its nose. In order to relieve the itchy sensation from those bits of food, your dog will rub its face in the carpet to clean off the food. Another common time is first thing in the morning. If your dog tends to wake up with eye rheum (or eye boogers), it is not uncommon for it to use the carpet to clean the rheum off of its face. While you cannot do anything to avoid the need to clean its face after eating, you can wipe your dog's face in the morning if there is noticeable rheum that occurs on a regular basis.
Wacky wrinkles
If you have a dog with facial folds, such as a pug or bulldog, you are probably accustomed to seeing your best friend rub its face in the carpet on a daily basis. Dog breeds with wrinkles, especially deep wrinkles on the face will often use the carpet as a means of itching, cleaning, and relieving irritations. Those wrinkles easily collect dirt, bacteria, and food particles. As a result, your dog will use the carpet to clean its face and relieve any discomfort. You can avoid this by lending your pup a hand and wiping out its folds on occasion.
Infections, allergies, and mites
Although not as common as the need to clean itself, your dog may also be rubbing its face in the carpet to relieve itching and irritation caused by infections, allergies, and mites. The most common infection that would cause a dog to rub its face in the carpet is an ear infection. If you notice your dog rubbing its ears and face in the carpet on a frequent basis, look for discharge from its ear. If its ear is red and swollen, you should take your dog to the vet.
Allergies in dogs often manifest as extreme itchiness. When you catch your dog incessantly rubbing its face in the carpet, it could be the result of a new product in the household environment that is causing an allergic reaction. If you've recently switched its food or started using new cleaners, that could be at the root of the face rubbing.
Ear mites are pesky parasites that nest in a dog's ear. Ear mite infections cause intense discomfort in your dog's ears and prompt an intense desire to itch. Rubbing its face in the carpet or against furniture is the best relief your dog can find in many cases. Keep an eye on any increase in face rubbing, as a serious infestation could create high levels of discomfort in your dog.
Why not?
Sometimes your dog just enjoys rubbing its face in the carpet. There doesn't always need to be a reason why your dog is rubbing its face in the carpet. Sometimes dogs simply find that itching their faces in the carpet is a fun sensation, and they will do it just because it is fun. As with any pet behavior, if you keep a close eye on the frequency of face rubbing you will be able to determine quickly if it's being done for fun or because something is wrong.


Linda Shaffer - Comment
Linda Shaffer19 Aug 2016Reply
Could this face rubbing be caused by a bad tooth? Or dental problems?
Mike - Comment
Mike29 May 2017Reply
My dog rubs nose to remove food stuck in her nostril.
Maddaddy  - Comment
Maddaddy 02 Jun 2017Reply
My Westie is DoinG it for FUN of it... it normally happens after an energized episode... Comming in from an outside romp.. after chasing the stuffed hedgehog,
After a peanut butter bone.. you get the picture..
Bron Dodson - Comment
Bron Dodson09 Jul 2017Reply
My dog has just vomited heaps of dry food and then after eating grass wetter vomit. She is rubbing both sides of her face along the grass and now the carpet. She's also scratching behind her ear. Ive checked for a tick or something there but I'm puzzled. Help?
Rylee A - Comment
Rylee A12 Jul 2017Reply
My dog as well has just vomited heaps of dry food and then after eating grass wetter vomit. Won't touch his food at all. Hi is rubbing both sides of his face along the grass and now the carpet. He's also scratching behind his ears. He constantly sits in the sun an then will run his face on the grass after a while. Ive checked for a tick or something there but Nothing is found.. Help please this has been going on for a week or so.. I've given him baths and ear cleaning but it continues.. He's also been having bad breath along with runny nose and eye boogers that are ether hard or greenish an oozing.
Rocky Reed - Comment
Rocky Reed13 Jul 2017Reply
My boxer had the same problem. Scratching behind his ears and the sides of his nose til they bled. Rubbing his face and ears on the carpet. Violently shaking his head from side to side; whimpering and crying out in anguish and pain. Also there was a "corn chips" smell coming from his ears (telltale sign of yeast infection) The vet said no mites, no fleas, but turns out to be a yeast infection and allergies from his food. Kibbles n bits. (Main ingredient is corn) we stopped feeding him that and instead feed him mostly grain free dog food and some plain yogurt once in a while. Also had to bathe him more frequently using a shampoo specifically to kill fungus. We just had to make sure not to dry up the oil on his skin or coat so gave him alaskan Salmon Oil ( they sell it at Walmart) Couldn't believe the difference in such a short amount of time. Stay strict with his diet and bathe him more frequently until yeast infection is completely gone. No SUGARS
Yvonne murphy - Comment
Yvonne murphy16 Jul 2017Reply
My jack Russell had eight teeth out she's a rescue dog so not sure what she had been fed prior to us adopting her she must now be doing it for fun or to clean her face as she's still doing this
William Leasure - Comment
William Leasure19 Jul 2017Reply
Our Scrappy Doo is a 7 year old chiweenee.(Dashound & Chee-Wa-Wa) Rubbing mug in floor/ grass till bloody/injured and completely disturbed in pain. He also has excessive licking between the toes. However if you examine your pet you'll know. Scrappy is short hair and over maintence so he don't allow bugs on board.
Your dog having these symptoms needs diet regulation.
Scrappy ate human food and I'm responsible just trying to help.
mr wibble - Comment
mr wibble29 Jul 2017Reply
My dog does this after a chicken vindaloo
Common sense  - Comment
Common sense 25 Aug 2017Reply
Take ur dog to the vet for goodness sakes
Baloo - Comment
Baloo26 Aug 2017Reply
My yorkie is doing this? He just started it 3 days ago I have treated him for fleas but he is acting really strange. He keeps rubbing on the couch and his bed, I'm feeling helpless just now. He's always good health and happy now he's frustrated and looks depressed some times. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.
Wiggs - Comment
Wiggs17 Sep 2017Reply
If you have a small dog that rubs his head on the carpet, won't eat hard food, has bad breath then have his teeth checked. My adopted havanese had a severe tooth infection causing him to lose 32 of his 42 teeth.
De - Comment
De25 Oct 2017Reply
I just rescued a yorkiepoo that does this often and with gusto. Most of the time she's a chill little pup but man sometimes she just goes for it rubbing her face on the floor.

I don't know much of her history before me, she's 2ish months old and I just took her to the vet yesterday for a health check. She's 100% healthy. So I think it's just a weird stimulating thing for her. She also hides under my coffee table. She's weird. Lol.
Snowly2 - Comment
Snowly228 Nov 2017Reply
My dog keeps rubbing his face against the carpet,
he does not like doing this as when he does on accident he stops but now I see my golden retriever rubbing his face all the time could there be an explanation?
Stella - Comment
Stella26 Dec 2017Reply
So my dog does this when she's been put in the kitchen and we let her out of it. Is this just hyperactivity?
Giannina - Comment
Giannina25 Jan 2018Reply
My pug is almost 2 years old, he rubs his face on the carpet or couch, recently he's developed a bit of hair loss, and redness on his upper lip from doing this, this morning he bled a bit as well. He has abit of a runny nose, but I read that if the discharge is clear then not to worry about it, only worry if its green or yellow. I thought the runny nose was causing the redness and it would stop soon, but now he's bleeding and I'm worried.

How can I remedy this? is a trip to the vet necessary?
Tracey meaghan  - Comment
Tracey meaghan 04 Feb 2018Reply
My dog is a cross between a shitzu and a pug he heft’s very furry round his I cut him around his face he’s not long been treated for a ear infection but he still rubs his face on carpets rougher the better any ideas on how to help he’s a 3 yr old rescue
Laura - Comment
Laura07 Feb 2018Reply
Hi all I need some help. I just rescued a cute little chi that I'm sure she's mixed but not sure with what. She keeps rubbing her face on the carpet, wont dog food, she has thrown up food twice. I called my vet but he's not back until Friday. Any suggestions? Ive bathed her - she has no ticks or fleas. I checked her ears and she has no signs of irritation or infection. Any suggestions or help is appreciated!
Frank - Comment
Frank15 Feb 2018Reply
What a load of crap! Ear infection? Hardly! They do it because it feels good. Whether on carpet, grass or even in the snow. Obviously, you are promoting vets and think people should be frivolous with their money.
Tania Farries - Comment
Tania Farries24 Feb 2018Reply
I would be very grateful for some advice please. You mention in your article about dogs rubbing their face on a morning. My lab Poppy only rubs her chin on a morning, quite excessively and then maybe scratches it a few times a day. She has had blood tests which show she is allergic to seasonal pollen, perrenial mites/moulds and flea saliva. She also has food allergies but the blood test didn't say what (another £250). I have done everything I can to eliminate the allergies but still she scratches. I put her on a raw food diet a year ago and wondered if she could be reacting to the meat on her face? Just a long shot. I wondered if you knew anything about just rubbing the chin? Oh and she licks her vulva quite a bit. Thank you Tania ??
wewew - Comment
wewew27 Feb 2018Reply
she is eatin my carpet!!
Ray  - Comment
Ray 08 Mar 2018Reply
My dog is freaking out rubbing her face the only thing different I givin her is crackers with peanut butter could
IRANI - Comment
IRANI29 Mar 2018Reply
Estou aflita para conseguir uma solução para o meu cachorro para de esfregar o focinho inteiro quando faz seu xixi. Não entendo o pq ele faz isso, fico muito brava pq esta todo limpinho veio do banho e quando ele vai no tapete higiênico faz xixi e esfrega o focinho fica fedido com o pelo horrível. Por favor alguém consegue me ajudar?
Anonymous - Comment
Anonymous30 Mar 2018Reply
My dog has been rubbing his face on the carpet and licking his paws. Ears are totally clean as checked by vet. I’m not able to understand what’s wrong?
Kim - Comment
Kim17 Apr 2018Reply
Hi,. My shorkie is backwards sneezing at night. She also coughs to clear her passages when coming from outside. The worrisome thing for me is at night she moves from her bed to sleep on the floor. She's always been very healthy and she just turn five. Grateful for any answers. We just lost our 14 year old terrier could it be a reaction? Thanks in advance ??
Dranny - Comment
Dranny16 May 2018Reply
I googled a question wanting to know why my rescue, 4 year old beagle rubs his nose on the carpet, the couch, pillows and his ‘blanket on the floor. He seems to enjoy doing that either after being outside or when he wakes up in the morning or after a long nap. So far, it seems like he is playing or putting his scent on the floor. When he does it I will tell him “itchy nose” for a minute or so and he gets very playful even making playful barks or grunts. I was just curious if anyone else had this going on and why they do that. He eats dry and canned food, usually grain free. And, he shares a banana with me most mornings and a bite or two of what I am eating. I’m sorry for those of you who have pets that have injuries. The worst thing that happened since I got him, is that he is tremendously separation anxious. I have given him half of my sleeping pill (on the advise of his vet), calming tablets and a thunder shirt. He has been so upset being put in his carrier that he damaged and broke off several of his front teeth while trying to get out. We all love our fur babies and only want the best for them.
Sarah Oneill  - Comment
Sarah Oneill 05 Jun 2018Reply
Hi, I need advice /help I've been dog sitting for about two weeks over last couple of days he's been hyper and to nite he constantly rubs his face against carpet and it's made him vomit he's so hypet
Sharon  - Comment
Sharon 08 Jun 2018Reply
My pug dog is rubbing is face on carpet and shaking is head he doesn’t look happy at all I am worried about him what can it be
Steve - Comment
Steve17 Jun 2018Reply
I'm lost, don't know what to do for my girl , Shepard she constantly rubs her nose, on me carpet , furniture. This is more than just a itch. We notice she loss her two theeth from playing frisbee trying to pick up her toy could this be the reason .
Feto - Comment
Feto30 Aug 2018Reply
My dog runs his face in carpet every time he comes home from a night of Gambeling and drinking but I suspect he is also seeing a prostitute when he goes out how ever c he denies it when I ask him. Is it the alcohol or could hr have picked up a v.d. from unprotected sex. Should I even be letting my young adult dog go out and party on his back own at night.
Tom wiessnee - Comment
Tom wiessnee02 Sep 2018Reply
My parents 13 year old Boston last week went through an episode of severe drooling, eyes swaying side to side rapidly, balance issue and tilted head. Obviously took her straight to vet, most symptoms have fallen off, still has a slight tilt to her head and balance is still a little off. She does seem to improve a little every day. However, today she was rubbing her nose so much on the carpet the pores on her nose started bleeding. Any suggestions?
Regiane Fleury Meirelles  - Comment
Regiane Fleury Meirelles 18 Sep 2018Reply
Tenho um Pug de 1 ano e meio e sempre vejo ele esfregando a carinha na cama e nas cobertas e tb coçando muito os dois ouvidos. Cheirei para ver se era infecção mas não tem cheiro forte...será que o soro fisiológico é o suficiente para limpar?

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