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Should You be Concerned by Your Dog's Snoring?

 by jaime on 10 Aug 2014 |
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There are few sounds in this world more annoying than snoring. Spouses lose sleep and get irritated when one or the other, usually the male (sorry guys), snores all night. In humans, snoring is a sign of any number of conditions. Sometimes snoring is the result of a head cold and congestion. Other times snoring is a sign of a more serious health condition, such as sleep apnea.
Believe it or not, dogs are often caught snoring by their owners as they sleep away the day in the living room. If you own a dog, you've no doubt caught your dog snoring at least once. In many breeds, especially those with shorter snouts, snoring is common because of the pushed-in nature of the nose. However, just like in humans, snoring is not always a harmless indicator.
Brachycephalic Syndrome
This condition is associated with dogs that have broad skulls and short muzzles. This includes, but is not limited to, breeds such as the pug, English spaniel, and Boston terrier. Due to the shortened muzzles on these dog breeds, breathing is obstructed. Dogs from these breeds primarily breathe through their mouths, snort when exercising, and snore when sleeping.
While dogs with brachycephalic syndrome are the most likely breeds to snore, the syndrome itself is not always the cause of snoring. Additionally, brachycephalic breeds are not the only dogs to be affected by other syndromes that can lead to snoring.
Stenotic Nares
A condition called stenotic nares, or collapsed nostrils, is common among puppies. This occurs when the nasal openings are too small and the puppy's nasal cartilage is soft and floppy. Snoring results from the nostrils collapsing as the puppy breathes in, obstructing the airway. If your young puppy is snoring, this could be the root cause. Your veterinarian can suggest a surgical solution that involves the enlargement of the nasal openings.
Elongated Soft Palate
Another common source of snoring in dogs is an elongated soft palate. Normally, your dog's palate, a flap of mucosa that closes during swallowing, touches or slightly overlaps the epiglottis. When dogs have an elongated palate, this overlap becomes excessive and results in snorting, gurgling, and snoring. Again, a surgical solution is available that shortens the soft palate to relieve snoring.
Eversion of Laryngeal Saccules
The laryngeal saccules are small pouches of mucus in your dog's larynx. When these pouches enlarge and turn outward, they narrow a dog's airway and make breathing difficult. This affliction is commonly associated with an elongated soft palate and is cured by removing the pouches from the larynx. This surgery is often performed by veterinarians at the same time that the elongated soft palate is being shortened.
Common causes
It is also possible that, much like humans, dogs snore as a result of congestion. As mentioned, humans typically snore as a result of congestion from a head cold or allergies. Dogs are not immune to colds, congestion, and allergies. For example, your dog may have an allergic reaction to a new household cleaner you are using. The resulting congestion can lead to snoring during sleep.
For owners with brachycephalic breeds, it is a good idea to consult a veterinarian if snoring occurs on a consistent basis. For others, track the occurrence of snoring in your dog and consult your veterinarian if it becomes excessive or appears to impact the dog's quality of life in other ways, such as breathing problems while awake.


Tony - Comment
Tony13 Aug 2014Reply
My dog dose snore ,but not all the time . I have not change anything,but do have a rug in the living room. I think he might be allergic to rug.

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