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6 Reasons Why Your Cat Has Lost Their Meow

 by jaime on 28 Aug 2014 |
39 Comment(s)
If your normally vocal kitty has suddenly become a little hoarse you are probably wondering what has caused this sudden silence…

1. Prolonged meowing
Sometimes your cat has just meowed themselves silent for a little while. Perhaps it has been during the night or whilst you've been at work, but in any case, their meow should return to normal after a little while.

2. Rabies
Rabies causes hoarseness so if you think there's been even a slight chance of your cat being in contact with a rabid animal take them to the vet immediately so they can investigate.

3. Upper Respiratory Infection
Upper Respiratory Infections (URI), which often results in laryngitis, can cause hoarseness. In addition to hoarseness, if your cat is displaying a runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, lack of appetite, lethargy, or yellow or green discharge from the eyes or nose, take them to the vet so medication such as antibiotics can be prescribed.

4. Hyperthyroidism
Hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid glands, is a common ailment in older cats which can cause hoarseness along with weight loss. If you suspect this is the cause for your cat's lack of meow, take them to the vet so blood tests can be performed.

5. Laryngeal paralysis
This is when nerve damage of the larynx or voice box is caused preventing it from working properly when your cat wishes to breath or meow. It's a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention. Accompanying symptoms include: coughing, weight loss, difficulty eating and struggling for breath.

6. Growths
Growths can develop on the throat, particularly the vocal cords, causing benign tumours or polyps - however sometimes it can result in throat cancer. Symptoms along with hoarseness include: changed vocal sound, sneezing, coughing and persistent ear infections. If you are suspicious that your cat has growths developing - take them to the vet so a diagnosis (often via a biopsy) can be given.

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ann mcateer - Comment
ann mcateer11 Apr 2017Reply
my cat sounds very hours when meos
Nikki - Comment
Nikki20 May 2017Reply
My cat is sneezing & has lost his voice. He is 10 months old. My other 2 cats haven't got any symptoms. Can someone help me please (very worried)
Kay Marie Hoggarth - Comment
Kay Marie Hoggarth25 May 2017Reply
My 6yr old cat has all of a sudden lost her voice, she is still very active and her usual lively self, bright eyes and glossy further, but when she tries to "Meow" it's really croaky. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Rhonda Sutherland - Comment
Rhonda Sutherland09 Jun 2017Reply
They other day my lost its meow. He is a very talkative he tries to meow but nothing come out. He doesn't have a runny nose,he's eating and drinking. What should I do?
Robin Gamache - Comment
Robin Gamache10 Jun 2017Reply
I have 4 older male cats. The one that goes outside the most, began coughing like he had something in his throat. He then lost his voice. The other 3 are following suit. They are loosing their voices as well. No runny noses and they are all eating and drinking, No weight loss. Does anyone know what would cause this?
Mal Badger - Comment
Mal Badger25 Jun 2017Reply
Our 7 year old very vocal cat has suddenly lost his voice and is still eating but croaking like a frog, could he have laringytis?
Kevin - Comment
Kevin24 Jul 2017Reply
My Cat is 10 now but it great shape. He has been in the wars recently, mostly due to a bad infection in his respiratory system and fur balls. A combination of drugs and potions has got him back to his usual self.

However he has lost his meow, He still purrs and can make sounds but the are strained. He got it back an now it has gone again. I have a few theories but not any that I can put any store by. He eats well and is very happy and playful. He, like all cats, has a very individual personality and he is displaying all of his usual quirks. This is reassuring as i don't think that he is in pain or anything. I had him checked recently by our vet and he had a clean bill of health. Maybe it is a waiting game. Like me, he is not as young as he used to be, so maybe it just takes time. I will continue to monitor his well being. Waiting for something to click. An earlier comment on this thread gave me some reassurance that I was not alone.
Michelle mooney - Comment
Michelle mooney29 Jul 2017Reply
My 2 year old cat has always been very vocal but today I noticed that her meow was very different. She sounds hoarse. We recently introduced a new kitten into the household and my 2 year cat didn't take very well to him. Anytime he got close she hissed and ran away nearly.a week on they seem grand and can be found playing. Would the hissing for a week be the reason why her meow is different? ?
Ericka - Comment
Ericka13 Sep 2017Reply
We took in a severely malnourished cat about two weeks ago. When she first came she couldn't meow it was just a croak. Now today she sounds like a regular cat when she meows. Can her being malnourished have caused her to not meow properly? She was skin and bones and was losing fur also. Her bald spots are now filing in and she spends less time sleeping and now grooms herself and comes up for attention.
Marian Standen - Comment
Marian Standen17 Sep 2017Reply
My cat is usually quite vocal but the last few weeks her meow has been very soft. She is eating and going out as normal and interacting with me the same as usual. Anyone have any ideas ??
Iyesha - Comment
Iyesha21 Sep 2017Reply
I have 2 4month old female kittens (siblings). One named Nahla is very vocal, always chortling, purring, mewing when she wants affection and MEOWING very loudly with a little kitten voice at any complaint or need. She is very smart and will meow in her usual high tone, and lead me where she wants me to go until I realize what she needs. Last night and today, I heard the weirdest sounding meow. It is lower and slightly husky, almost like a chortle or a coo. Could she be entering adolescence? Is she in heat? Or should I be concerned. She is eating, drinking, playing and being her usual bossy self. If anything she has been more cuddly the past day or so.
Dolly - Comment
Dolly21 Sep 2017Reply
My Violet had these symptoms and the vet thought it was an allergy. I put her on Allegra. I should have insisted on tests when after a month there was no improvement. She has lung cancer. My other kitty has just developed hoarseness after a plane trip (in cabin).

I'm worried and will get him to the vet right away. I was hoping to find some shimmer of hope here but it seems going to the vet really is the best option.

Good luck to all the kitties and those who love them who need it.
Crystal  - Comment
Crystal 27 Sep 2017Reply
My cat just all of sudden sounds like he has sore throat I don't if has something in throat are what or if just a cold
Crystal - Comment
Crystal26 Oct 2017Reply
My cat is 2 and she tries to meow but sounds like a new born kitten when she meows. She’s still a playful cat and no change in appetite.. not sure if this is serious or not..please help!
Lynda Lovejoy - Comment
Lynda Lovejoy02 Nov 2017Reply
One of my cats became hoarse, then within same day lost her voice. She is a tiny cat, gets cold easily. The only thing that changed is that she slept all night in front of a space heater - we switched out the space heater for a warm air humidifier, and her voice is back. Hope this helps some folks if their cats appear perfectly normal one day, then just lose their voice the next, with no other symptoms.
Melanie - Comment
Melanie04 Nov 2017Reply
My cat’s 2 years old and we just got a kitten that’s two months old and my cousin found her in her basement. Now that we have had her for almost three weeks my cat lost her voice. Now I’m worried. Could it be the kitten that has made her sick?
Mary Ann barnes - Comment
Mary Ann barnes06 Nov 2017Reply
My cat is currently doing this. He also had a spell last summer. In the earlier case he ate a rabbit n I guess it hurt his throat. For past week, he's been doing it again. It went from weak, to no noise at all, now voice is coming back. I'll keep eye out for his scat and see if I find another bunny.
Pauline - Comment
Pauline15 Nov 2017Reply
my cat is 18 , for a few months he was constantly meowing night and day , but now he has lost his voice it's been like this for about 4 weeks , apart he totally well, still got an appertite etcetera , any ideas , thanks
Craig  - Comment
Craig 18 Nov 2017Reply
All of a sudden my cat can’t meow and ain’t really eating anyone know what this is
Paula - Comment
Paula24 Nov 2017Reply
My cat vomited 2 hairball and ever since has been horse she's eating fine and playing just not as active and didn't meow hardly please help I'm so worried
Linda Reifsnyder - Comment
Linda Reifsnyder06 Jan 2018Reply
I rescued my 2 year old cat from the spca she took three months to come around and accept her new home, at first she did not meow at all but now she tries but all she can do is a faint whisper. I was wondering if maybe she was abused.
Mark Weeden - Comment
Mark Weeden03 Feb 2018Reply
does a vet actually look at this site? No one seems to ever reply with any suggestions.
Lyn - Comment
Lyn20 Feb 2018Reply
I am a doctor for humans but have 5 cats. If co corned PLEASE just take your cat to the vet! Here in Australia, loss of voice can be a first sign of tick paralysis, and this can be fatal.

Best wishes to all cat guardians XXX
Joaquin - Comment
Joaquin10 Mar 2018Reply
My cat was talkative and a couple days ago can no longer get her meow out when she tries. I will try and follow up on this to let y'all know how it turns out.
Stella - Comment
Stella13 Mar 2018Reply
My cat had a fur ball stuck and had trouble getting it up for maybe a week, in that time he didn’t weow because he was wheezing and having trouble breathing with the furuball being stuck. He’s eating, drinking playing with our other kitty. He just can’t weow. Can anyone help??
Joaquin - Comment
Joaquin14 Mar 2018Reply
After being mute, my cat was raspy and can now meow ok. Not sure what the problem was.
Bear. - Comment
Bear.16 Mar 2018Reply
I have a 10 1/2 yr old cat, he has always meow`d to let us know that he wants some thing, over the last 2 weeks his meow has turned into a squeak, I don`t think that he is stressed about any thing, he looks happy enough.. he does love it when you rub the front of his ears, I am worried that some thing is a miss, does anyone have any ideas?? If so PLEASE let me know.
Little Bear - Comment
Little Bear06 Apr 2018Reply
My cat little bear was almost 17, he started to problems eating, and was starting to loose weight. He had a very quiet meow like a whisper for a few days, I went to the vet and they informed me he had a tumour on his neck. I unfortunately had to put him down yesterday, because they had no guarantee that any of the medications would help his tumour go down to the point where he could eat again. Worse complications would arise with his organs if he wasn’t eating. I couldn’t watch him suffer anymore. :(
Lee - Comment
Lee10 May 2018Reply
So my cat, a long haired calico, suddenly has this sort of..muted meow? She usually has a very loud meow that gets your attention and once you start to pet her she will begin to purr. But I’ve noticed lately that she only meows whenever you touch her, but instead of her normal loud meow, it’s a very gentle meow that sounds like she is in pain? Very confused and very concerned
Helene - Comment
Helene15 May 2018Reply
I have a 7 year old cat, Reggie, who was diagnosed last year with Feliv, which is leukemia.. Week ago he acted different didn't want to be touched, slept in hiding, pronounced swallow, lethargic, didn't eat as much....this went on 3 days and almost took to vet but gave him some amoxitabs, antibiotic but only two. He was better but his meow was gone! It is back but different. Cats with leukemia, their immune symptom can be compromised and some get ill more. If he continues meowing different, I will definitely take him to vet! Above, it was mentioned THROAT CANCER. This is a concern for me now!!
Abigail - Comment
Abigail26 May 2018Reply
My cat just doesn't meow anymore. As a kitten, he used to scream his head off but one day, he just stopped. Now whenever he meows (rarely) it's a mouse squeak.
Jean - Comment
Jean31 May 2018Reply
I have a 10 months cat who has always been vocal. Three weeks ago, I introduced a 2 months old kitten to the household. At first, they were not getting along at all, but now they are being playful. However, my older cat the last couple of days, all of a sudden, has lost his voice. I can' barely hear him when he meows. Is the new kitten making him sick?
Alisa - Comment
Alisa01 Jun 2018Reply
My boy is 2 years and mostly stays inside but does go out during the day I've noticed that today he was hoarse he has gotten into fights before this but the other cats are not around anymore he's a healthy eater and nothing else seems to be wrong
Larissa - Comment
Larissa20 Jun 2018Reply
Minha gatinha de 4 ou 5 meses está touca, e quando tenta miar, não sai nada, ela está assim a mais ou menos 1 mês, alguém sabe o que fazer?
Tom - Comment
Tom22 Jun 2018Reply
I care for a homeless cat.... he has pretty much became our little kitty ....
He trys to meow but comes out very very light......he also is very thin
Elaine - Comment
Elaine23 Jun 2018Reply
I got a 5 month old kitten and she doesn't really have a meow at all I'm wondering if I should be worried.
Roy Rodriguez - Comment
Roy Rodriguez03 Jul 2018Reply
Is this hoarse meowing contagious? Because i took care of a street cat who had those symptoms but she didn't seem to be sick, and she ate a lot. My indoor cat started interacting with her and after a few days my cat could barely meow... Im worried i wanna know what this is before i take it to a vet.
Tiara - Comment
Tiara01 Aug 2018Reply
Our cat normally has a great voice, but after we brought her new "sister" home, it's hoarse. I really hope she's not sick, and it is just a result of them playing/fighting and snarling/hissing/growling at each other.
Sherry mccann - Comment
Sherry mccann16 Aug 2018Reply
My 18+yr old siamese cat has a cough and can no longer meow, and we all know how loud and vocal they can be. I took him to the vet, xray was clear, heart is slightly enlarged but not enough to concern the vet. He has gas in his intestines. Got tons of meds but I'm concerned that it is some kind of growth in his airway. Any thoughts as to what else could be causing this. Vet was talking about getting him scoped under anesthesia but at his advanced age it probably isn't a good idea.

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