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Golden Retrievers: Blessed With Great Genetics

 by petbucket on 01 Oct 2015 |
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Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. In fact  it is the third-most popular family dog breed in the United States, the fifth-most popular in Australia, and the eighth-most popular in the United Kingdom.
Not only do Golden Retrievers look stunning, they also have lovely personalities and are very easy to train. The breed’s friendly and cheerful nature has made it to be one of the finest family pets. While Golden Retrievers may not have good guarding instincts, they make good watchdogs. As the name denotes, they are the best at retrieving shot games as well as filling the roles of a hunting dog and assistance dogs for the deaf and blind.
In this article I will discuss what it is about the breed’s genetics that makes them so irresistibly adorable along with the awesome personality traits they share.
  • Love all, loved by all:
The golden looks this breed is blessed with attracts admiring looks by everyone. Their charm and playfulness make them extremely lovable. Strangers stop to pet them and kids want to hold them. Even the adults can’t remain indifferent in their company.
Not only are they loved by all, golden retrievers also love people. They tend to blossom and flourish when they are in the company of people.
Whether it is the family, kids, other dogs or even strangers, Golden Retrievers share the tendency of being affectionate around everyone.  They are highly social and have a deep yearning to be around people. They feel comfortable around everyone and bond with them easily.
They are well built and athletic enough to handle rough hugs and do not mind the screaming and running of children. These traits make them a kid-friendly dog.
They do tend to bark at strangers, but it is more of a welcoming bark rather than aggressive.
  • Obedient and submissive:
Golden Retrievers respond to leadership. They are easily trainable and very enthusiastic and eager to please their owners. Training during the early years is required to instill manners. One needs to train them to respond to basic commands such as heel, sit, stop, stay and come.
Goldens tend to have an adaptive nature that allows them to adapt and submit to the new environment and people. Behavioral traits such as, rolling on their back, lack of fighting, ears and tail down and submitting to command are common among this kind of breed.
  • Energetic:
Golden Retrievers were originally developed to be a working retriever. They fall under the sporting breed. This means that they require a high level of activity or exercise in order to vent their energy. Activities such as jogging, running, swimming or playing fetch on a daily basis are some of the ways to channel their energy through constructive ways and avoid hyperactivity.
  • Tolerates both, cold and hot weather:
Your Golden has the genetics which make it tolerable to all kinds of weather.  They are commonly known to have a high tolerance to cold weather. However, if exposed to such weather for too long, they are likely to fall under the weather.
These personality traits of the Goldens and their playful yet sensitive attitude make them to be a wonderful pet. However, assuming these personality traits based entirely upon the breed’s genetics is not wise. Dogs, like humans, are individuals and have individual personality traits, even if they mostly tend to share similar traits as their breed.

author bio:
Brian Stephenson is an animal lover and loves to write about cats, and dogs. In his free time, he plays with one of his dozens of pets and also shares his experience and knowledge in the form of blogs.


Jerry Rogerson - Comment
Jerry Rogerson18 Nov 2015Reply
You have done an excellent job capturing the essence of the Golden Retriever. We were blessed to have a rescue Golden for 8 years. He was the most loving dog I have had. I miss the fur balls that once covered our floors. When we adopted him, I read many articles on the web about how to care for Goldens. A unanimous expression was: Hair! Hair! Hair! They do shed a lot but are worth every moment with the vacuum.

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