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Seven Reasons to Love Burmese Cats

 by jaime on 22 Apr 2014 |
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While Burmese cats have attracted less attention than some other similar breeds (most notably Siamese), those who have owned one will often say that it is hard to transition to any other breed once you have enjoyed the love of a Burmese. Here are some reasons why these cats can make truly wonderful pets.

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1. Your Burmese will love to have conversations with you. These vocal cats have an opinion about everything and enjoy expressing these opinions at every possible opportunity. Burmese cats tend to speak up when they want something (whether it's a toy, a bowl of food or a cuddle), and some are also quite responsive to vocal commands. This is one of the traits that lead some owners to comment that their Burmese is dog-like in some respects.


2. They can also be taught to fetch, especially if you start training them at a young age. They will retrieve toys, and you might also find that they deliver 'presents' when you least expect it. When your Burmese is looking for attention, they might appear at your feet carrying one of your objects in their mouth (such as a comb, a glove or a sock).

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3. If you're looking for a cat that is good with small children, a Burmese is one of the best choices. They usually have relaxed dispositions and adore affection. Young children are unlikely to find these cats to be aggressive or timid, and older children will love playing games with a Burmese.


4. Burmese cats are visually stunning. Whether you opt for the round-faced American Burmese or prefer the more angular British Burmese, you will have the chance to choose between many beautiful colours. Common colours are brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream. These colors appear at their darkest around the cat's 'points' (i.e. the face, ears, feet and tail).


5. If you want to live in a multi-cat household, you will find it advantageous to have a Burmese in the mix. These cats are friendly, adaptable creatures and will typically enjoy the company of other cats. Indeed, it is worth noting that a single Burmese can become bored and lonely if the owner is out for most of the day and there are no other felines around.

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6. Burmese cats are highly intelligent. While this means you may need to be more careful about locking important doors, it also means that your cat can enjoy puzzle-based toys and will seem to experience a more sophisticated range of emotions.


7. The average Burmese will live for more than fifteen years. Indeed, it is common to see 18-20 year old Burmese cats. As a bonus, this breed is famous for remaining kitten-like well into old age. Even when your cat qualifies as geriatric, you can still expect to see them play and display curiosity (though they will of course need to sleep more between these sessions).



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