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When Cuties Attack

 by simone on 03 May 2014 |
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This is an important community service announcement from Petbucket. They may look soft and squishy and oh so scrumptious, but many good people have fallen foul of these criminal cuties. 


1. I can smell your fear … and it sure smells good.


2. I’ll just deal with this guy then you’re next and yeah, you’d better be scared cos’ what you see here is all muscle. Okay, maybe I’m carrying just a little excess puppy fat.

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3. Say hello to my little friend!

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4. First, I’ll woo the humans with my adorable antics, then monopolise their precious chocolate supplies. They will become my loyal followers and soon this will all be mine. 

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5. Ha ha, is that all you’ve got? This is going to be too easy.  


6. Even if I have to cross great oceans, tall mountains and fences that are more easily walked under – I will find you.

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7. My good friends here have told me all about you. It’s time you and me had a little chat - a ‘bow-wow’ if you like.


8. You, get in my belly! I will gobble you up. Or this leg at least… okay, maybe just your toe, but it will be your big toe.

Image credit


9. Go ahead, I dare you to say it right to my face.

Image credit


10. So human, you have discovered my secret lair. That’s bad news for you – very bad news indeed.

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