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How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing

 by jaime on 13 Jun 2014 |
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Most dog owners are faced with the problem of controlling the way their dog chews. Regardless if the dog is inside the house or outside, they will feel the need to chew anything they find. Puppies also develop the habit of chewing everything they discover, but mature dogs exhibit the same behavioral problem as well. Although chewing is a natural behavior, it can become destructive. It is a nightmare each time you come home and find that your furniture, shoes, and other items have been destroyed by your pet. There are simple methods that you can use to stop a dog from chewing.

Determine the dog's behavior
Why is the dog chewing? There are basic reasons for this, so it is your responsibility to understand the root of the behavior. Some of the reasons for a dog's destructive chewing include boredom and feelings of anxiety, or stress. If the dog or puppy is teething, chewing is a way for them to get relief from the pain.

A dog or puppy should be confined if they exhibit excessive chewing. When your dog finds something interesting, they will feel inclined to chew. Never allow your pet to wander around your home unsupervised. While you are training your dog, make sure they are in a safe location to prevent the destruction of your furnishings. Keep items away that you know they will be tempted to chew.

Chew toys for dogs
If your dog is chewing from boredom, give them items that are fun and entertaining to chew. When you are unable to spend time with your dog, keep them occupied with a chew toy. It is easier to use the best chew toys for dogs that hold their attention. Give your dog several different types of chew toys to prevent them from feeling bored.

Daily exercise
Some behavioral problems are often caused from a dog's lack of exercise. If your dog has excess energy, play with them. You will find that regular exercise reduces the bad behavior of the dog. First consult with your veterinarian to determine the dog's health before you incorporate an exercise program. Playing fetch games, walking, running, or taking the dog for a swim are fun activities that they will enjoy.

Be patient
While you are training your pet to stop chewing, it is important for you to be patient. Avoid losing your temper if you are not getting immediate results. Always be kind to prevent the dog from feeling stressed. Supervise your dog to ensure that he develops a good chewing habit.

Every dog owner's goal is to raise the perfect dog, but some issues will develop and you will have to correct the behavior. Unless they are trained, dogs will not have an understanding of items they are not to chew. When you are training your dog to stop chewing, teach them what to chew, and things not to chew on. With these tips in mind, you are guaranteed to see an improvement in the dog's behavior.

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