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5 Tips to Keep Your Cat Active

 by jaime on 17 Jun 2014 |
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It's no secret that keeping cats active can be a chore. Unlike dogs who fetch, like to go on walks, and are generally rather active, cats don't always seem to enjoy being active. Unfortunately, lack of activity in cats can lead to obesity and, as a result, many other health problems. It is crucial that your cat stay active in order to enjoy a healthy and long life. So what can you do to help keep your cat active? Below are five tips you can follow to help your feline obtain more activity and live a longer, healthier life.

1. Create an activity-promoting environment
One of the best things you can do for your cat is create an environment that encourages activity. Be sure to include many levels and stands, as this will encourage cats to jump and will also help promote balance and coordination. Cats instinctively seek out high perching points because it gives them a better vantage point over their surroundings. Make sure that the posts you choose are made from tightly woven fibers as most cats prefer this type of material.

2. Be active with them
Cats like playmates just as much as anyone else, so be sure that you are active, as well. Whether you're using a feather hanging from a wand to entice your cat to jump and get it or you choose another toy, playing with your cat will not only help your kitty be more active but will strengthen the bond between you.

3. Go the distance
Be sure to put distance between your cat's food and water bowls. It might not seem like that much exercise, but when cats have to walk from one bowl to the other in order to obtain food and water, that extra movement can add up to serious calorie burn over time.

4. Exercise portion control
When you feed your cat, be sure to only feed them the correct portions. Ask your veterinarian what type of food you should be feeding your cat and how much you should be giving them. Stick to that plan and don't waver. You can also try putting small amounts of food in a toy designed for cat treats. The balls are usually about the size of a tennis ball and have small holes. Cats have to move the ball - and their bodies - in order to get the food out of the ball. It's a meal and a workout in one.

5. Limit treats
One of the fastest ways to put pounds on your cat- or any pet - is to hand out too many treats. Wanting to reward your cat for doing good things is great, and one or two small treats won't hurt. But too often cat owners give their pets too many treats, including scraps from the table, and this can lead to damaging weight gain.

Follow the above tips and you will start to see healthy changes in your cat. If your cat is not overweight and is relatively healthy, following these tips also acts a preventative measure. The older your cat gets the more easily they will put on weight and the harder it will be to work it off. Start today by employing one or more of the above suggestions so your cat can live a long and healthy life.

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