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Daycare for Dogs

 by michelle on 27 Jun 2014 |
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Just as you might enroll your child in daycare, you can also do the same for your dog. Although the reasons for enrolling are a little different, the concept is the same: You drop your dog off in the morning where he gets to play, socialize with other dogs, snack and nap, and then you pick him up on your way home from work. If you’re thinking of enrolling your dog in daycare here’s everything you need to know:


What is doggy daycare?


Doggy daycare is a great option for dogs with busy guardians who work and are not comfortable leaving their dogs home alone all day. Most are open for 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and offer half-day or full-day options. The cost can vary between $8.00 to $35.00 a day, but will depend on the provider. Privately owned daycares operated out of a home are often cheaper than a fully-staffed facility.


What are the benefits?


Not only does daycare relieve your dog of boredom and loneliness, but it also relieves you of the guilt you may feel about leaving your dog home alone. You can go to work knowing your dog is being well cared for and having a great time socializing with other dogs and people. After a long day of exercise and interaction, your dog will be nice and tired by the time you pick them up.


Good candidates


Since your dog will be interacting with other dogs all day, most doggy daycares require that your dog is healthy and spayed/neutered. Some may also require certain vaccines like the Bordetella. In terms of non-medical requirements, your dog should enjoy socializing and interacting with other dogs. For example, if your dog is a regular at the park and seems to enjoy themself there, then they’d be a great candidate for daycare. Also, younger dogs tend to adjust better in a daycare environment as opposed to older ones.


Bad candidates


Unvaccinated dogs, females in heat, and unneutered male dogs will be turned away from doggy daycare. Dogs who are undersocialized or haven’t had many positive experiences with other dogs are also not good candidates. If your dog has ever bitten another dog, or tends to be aggressive towards them, then daycare really isn’t the best place for them to be. You also don’t want to enroll a dog that tends to avoid or simply tolerate other dogs. Most likely they prefer to stay home than spend their day in the company of other dogs.

Choosing the right daycare

If you’re going to be leaving your furbaby at a daycare, you want to be sure your dog is in good hands. Look for a daycare with the following qualities:

  • clean and organized facility
  • abundance of toys or equipment for dogs to play with
  • a safe and comfortable place to nap
  • knowledgeable staff with a basic understanding of canine communication
  • staff that interacts with the dogs regularly including walking the dogs outdoors

On your dog’s first day, it’s a good idea to stay and observe for a little. You want to pay attention to whether your dog seems happy or stressed out. Also look for these signs when you approach the daycare. Your dog should be happy and relaxed when approaching, not reluctant like they may be at the vet.


It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable with where you choose to leave your dog. You know your dog the best, so ask yourself if they will feel comfortable there too.


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