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How To: Let Your Cat Outside For The First Time

 by jaime on 07 Oct 2014 |
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Whether you've just adopted a cat, moved house, or simply decided to let your indoor cat outside for the first time, giving your feline friend access to the great outdoors can seem precarious at first. However, most cats adjust quickly to going out and find doing so enjoyable. However, there are precautions you can take to ensure your cat has the best possible experience while adjusting to a new environment.

Before allowing your cat outdoors, you can practice teaching them to come back to you when you call. Offer a tasty treat each time they return to you upon demand and you will likely encounter repeat performances outdoors.

Additionally, getting a cat flap fitted in advance, or work out an easy access route into your home via a safe window, which will allow your cat to go in and out without your assistance. Make sure you have these methods set in place prior to letting them roam free!

It's important to remember to take your cat to be fitted with a microchip and place a collar around its neck with your telephone number inscribed on a tag. Making sure that people can find you if your cat gets lost will no doubt provide you with peace of mind.

Handy tip: Remember to keep your cat safe by storing toxic materials kept in your garden shed, such as domestic chemicals out of reach to really make sure you are providing a secure environment.

Tips for successful outdoor adventures:
  • When you initially allow your cat to gain access to outdoor areas, accompany your cat and spend a while wandering around the garden together. Ideally, you will be able to sit outside with a book for half an hour, as your cat explores, while keeping an eye on proceedings. This actually sounds like a lovely idea all of the time!
  • Select a time when there are not many distractions such as loud noises occurring near your garden. Barking dogs, screaming children, and the sound of heavy traffic could scare your cat, leaving it running for the bushes. Going outside for the first time in a tranquil environment can set the tone for further successful outdoor explorations.
  • Make a point of showing your cat how to re-enter your home before you go back indoors. Better still, only allow your cat outdoors for a short period initially, and extend time spent outside gradually. Your cat will soon get the hang of happily going in and out.
  • Neuter your cat before trips outside if you have not already done so, since it might be tempted to stray.
  • You might also contemplate letting your cat outside just before feeding time, since the lure of a plate of food is likely to be a sufficient enticement to encourage its return indoors.
  • Don't worry if your cat is nervous the first time it ventures outside as this is normal. Planning and patience will prove to be beneficial in aiding any anxiety.

Making constructive preparations, accompanying your cat initially, and providing a safe environment will make your feline's first steps outdoors pleasurable rather than a frightening experience.


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