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What Apartment Dwellers Need For Their Cats

 by alexandra on 19 Nov 2014 |
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If you're a city slicker or just happen to live in an apartment, then the things you will need for your cat can differ quite a bit from what is needed in a large home or for outdoor cats. Here are six must-have items for cats living in apartments.

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1. Kitty Litter
Sure, kitty litter is a must for those who have an outdoor cat or live in a large house, but it's a key essential for apartment living kitties. When placing kitty litter in your home remember to consider the location of the litter. Most people opt for the laundry or bathroom to keep any unwanted smells away from main living quarters. Further to this, you must choose the right litter for your home. Keep an eye out for litter specifically made for different places around the home. The scent and the type of litter is desgined to suit where you put the litter box, so think about what suits you and your kitty best.
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2. Food
There are many ranges of cat food at the ready and it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for your puss. However as your cat is living in much smaller quarters, one that is grain and filler-free is ideal as well as one specific for indoor cats so that it is not loaded with empty calories that your kitty will not burn.

3. Bed
It is important to make sure your cat has a place in your apartment to call its own. Whether it's a corner in the house, a small cat bed or a particular cosy spot on a couch, your cat will need a place to relax and unwind in his or her own space. While most cats do not like open pet beds, they love igloos or pods to sleep in as they are a tiny cave-like structure that they feel secure in. 
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4. Scratching Posts
It's no secret that apartments aren't exactly the jungle your cat would rather be exploring. Your cat will need a place to climb and scratch in order to file their nails especially if you don't want your furniture to become its next victim. A scratching post for your cat will not only benefit your furniture but your kitty as it will use it to manicure its nails. Introduce it to your cat by putting it in an area that it spends plenty of time in and encourage him or her to use it.

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5. Perches
There's a reason for the saying, 'curiosity killed the cat'. In order to keep your kitty safe you will need to provide secure perches for him or her to take in their surroundings. Cats love being up high so whether you provide this or not they will find a lofty location to take in their territory. Some scratching posts are stackable while others are tall jungle gyms for your cat to play and also provide a look-out point.

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6. Toys
Apartments are small spaces and like all living creatures being trapped inside four walls they need entertainment. And toys are fun! From squeaky toys, to balls and even dangle toys for your cat to swat at -whatever your choice be sure to have a range of toys for your cat to play with alone and some that you can use to play together. Remember, it's often the simplest things that will entertain your cat for hours rather than the latest high.

Need some of these apartment essentials for your furry friend? Check out our range right here.

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