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Caring For Your Pet During Winter

 by alexandra on 21 Nov 2014 |
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The mornings have become much cooler, you’ve started layering up, even wearing your winter coat when you head out to work. Winter is definitely on its way and you’re not the only one feeling it. Your pets are also adjusting to the chilly weather and need you as their owner to keep them healthy and warm during these cooler months to avoid the winter blues.

Being Outdoors
If you’ve got an outdoor pet then you may need to adjust their outdoor housing to keep them warm during winter. There are fantastic ranges of kennels and enclosures that can protect your pet from the elements. However it’s up to you to make sure it is placed away from the rain, wind or even snow so they can rest comfortably.

However if you live in an area that snows a lot, it is recommended you bring your pet indoors so that your pet does not freeze in the frosty weather.

Whether your pet sleeps indoors or outdoors, be sure to keep their bedding raised and away from cold drafts and add warm blankets.

You might have noticed that your pet’s appetite is insatiable. This is normal as their appetite increases as they use more energy to keep warm. But that doesn’t mean you should be feeding your furry friend more snacks. Keep an eye on their weight and ensure they enjoy a well-balanced diet. If you feel he or she is gaining too much weight or perhaps is looking a little underweight see your vet.

There’s simply nothing your pet loves more than playing! So whether you take your dog out for a walk, for a game of fetch or even a quick run around the block, any physical actvitiy will help beat the winter blues. Your cat will also benefit from exercise and play during the colder months where they may avoid being outdoors. This is also a great way to keep the increase in calories balanced.

Keeping Warm
Your pet’s lush fur coat may appear to be the perfect protection from the chilly winter air however, during extreme weather even your furry friend may need additional protection from the elements. Not only will a coat or sweater keep your pet warmer it will also aid in regulating their internal temperatures. If your pets fur gets wet the fur can lose lots of its insulation ability making it harder for your pet to stay warm. Choosing a weather resistant coat for walks in the rain is an ideal choice for your pet.

Older Pets
The aches and pains that go hand in hand with getting older become particularly apparent during the winter months. To help your aging pet during chilly weather, ensure he or she has a soft and warm place to rest. You may consider adding a supplement such as Glucosamine-Chondoitin to aid in any arthritic aches and pains. Your pet might also benefit from having a hot water bottle added to their bed, however, remember not to put boiling water in there - just warm water so that it doesn’t burn your pet.


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