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5 Ways To Control Your Pet's Shedding

 by alexandra on 05 Feb 2015 |
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Some say you're not a pet owner if the majority of your clothing isn't covered in fur. While that doesn't sound too appealling, it can ring some truth. Animals shed fur to get rid of old, damaged or excess fur and of course as they transition from the warmer months to cooler months or vice versa. 

However they can also shed fur if they have skin irritations or if their diet is lacking certain vitamins. Here are five tips on how to manage all that fur.


Brushing: This is the key to staying on top of fur getting matted as well as clumps being left around the house. Depending on your dog's or cat's breed, you may need to brush your pet daily or a few times a week.

Feeding: A pet's coat is often a reflection of what they eat, so opt for grain-free protein rich pet food to enrich their diet. After a few weeks you should notice their coat is shinier, healthier and sheds a bit less. Some pet food brands even sell specific food to improve your pets coat, so opt for these.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum: Yes it can be a pain but ultimately this will keep the fur from building up. Opt for a good quality vacuum- there are plenty on the market that are made for homes with pets. They are extra heavy-duty and can handle all the fur your home has hidden away.

Bathtime: Remember, washing your dog's fur is good for them and can reduce shedding. Don't forget to only use pet shampoo as human shampoo can be too harsh on their skin and cause dryness and skin irritations which may in turn cause more shedding. A gentle oatmeat shampoo can help their coat become healthier. After bathing, give your pooch a good brush. Depending on their breed they may need to be bathed weekly to monthly.

Check-ups: If none of these tips work then consider talking to your vet about the causes of excessive fur shedding. If the shedding is leaving bald patches this is definitely something a vet should see and treat. They will be able to give you the appropriate medical treatment if needed.

Remember shedding is normal but if it becomes a cause for concern seek veterinary treatment. Oh, and always buy a lint roller when at the grocery store. Always.

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